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Protection & Compliance

Protection & Safety

All batteries supplied by, have all of the necessary protection and safety regulations in place. We work with multiple suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring we only provide the best quality or value product available. if you have any enquiries relating to any of the below information, please contact us.

Compliance Procedures

Whilst many companies promise deliver you Lithium-Ion batteries using Royal Mail, this isn't very honest. The Royal Mail no longer ship Li-Ion batteries, they can only be shipped via couriers. Even whilst shipping with couriers, there are very strict guidelines and regulations that all senders should follow.

Packaging Regulations We Meet:

List of Dangerous Goods - Lithium battery Class 9 hazard label.

Packaging Instruction 965 to 970 - Note claritfying that a cell battery must be transported according to requirements.

Sections IB and II - Strong rigid outer packaging and permitted outer packaging listed.

Lithium Battery Mark - Must include UN number and phone number.